Sarkheswar Beach, Junagadh

Sarkheswar Beach is a quiet and clean beach in the Junagadh district. In this article, I am going to give all the information about Sarkheswar Beach. If you want to go to this beach, you must read the complete article to know about it?

About Sarkheswar Beach, Junagadh

Sarkheswar Beach

This beach is located in Balana village of Jafrabad city. It is situated on the border of Junagadh near Amreli district. It is 11.6 km away from Jaffrabad city. Jaffrabad is a city and a municipality.

Sarkheswar Beach is a quiet and clean beach. The water of this beach is turquoise blue and the sand is also bright. It is a wild beach and it is not fully developed.

Sarkeshwar beach generally consists of loosely packed particles that are often composed of rock particles like cobblestones, pebbles, shingles, gravel, or sand.

Although this place is good enough to visit for a day. You can go here for a walk with your family and friends.

The evening time is quite good for visiting Sarkheswar Beach. In the evening, you can experience peace and relaxation here.

Very few public comes to visit Sarkheswar Beach so that you will not see much crowd here.

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There is a temple of Sarkheswar Mahadev which is situated a short distance from Sarkheswar Beach.

Sarkheswar Temple

It has got a Google rating of 4.4, which is a very good rating. However, the condition of the roads will be bad to reach here.

Best time to visit Sarkheswar Beach

The best time to visit this Beach is during the winter season and it is the perfect time for visiting here.

Nearest Best Places To Visit

Madhavpur Beach is also very good to visit in Junagadh District. We will soon write a post about Madhavpur Beach.

Apart from Madhavpur Beach, Nagoa Beach, Porbandar Chopati Beach, Jalandhar Beach, Chorwad Beach are also good places to visit.

There are also many Jain, Muslim, and Hindu temples near this beach, which makes it a pilgrimage destination of Gujarat.

Sarkheswar Beach distance from main cities

It is 156.6 km away from Junagadh and 10 km away from Jaffrabad city.

How to Reach

Road, railway and air facilities are easily available to reach Sarkeshwar beach. Let me tell you that the nearest railway station to reach Sarkeshwar beach is in Delwada which is about 42 km away from this beach.

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Conclusion – I hope you have understood the given information about Sarkheswar Beach very well. If you missed anything or have any suggestions for us, you are welcome to leave a commetn. Keep visiting the blog for the latest posts.

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