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Every person who lives in India probably knows that Qutub Minar is one of the best tourist destinations in Delhi. The tall structure of victory was built back in 1193 by Qutubuddin Aibak. The structure reflects Mughal dominance and was built after the defeat of the last Hindu kingdom in Delhi. The tower consists of a total of 5 storeys that are very artistically created. The initial three floors of the architecture are created out of red sandstone whereas the remaining structure is created using a sandstone and marble combination.

Very few people know that Qutub Minar has the first mosque to be built in India. The structure has Quwwat ul Islam Moscow which has inscriptions of the Mughal era.

Qutub Minar As a structure has always been associated with plenty of controversies. Some people say that it was erected to signify the commencement of the Muslim era whereas the rest take it as a place for faithful prayers and religious ceremonies. The tower is no doubt one of the finest monuments in the history of India. The first Muslim ruler known as Qutubuddin Aibak constructed Qutub Minar in 1200 AD. He could just construct the basement of the structure and later on his successors Iltumush and shah Tughlaq completed the remainder of the construction.

It was in 1505 that the earthquake completely damaged the sandstone structure. Then Sikander Lodi, the ruler of Delhi reconstructed the top two stories of the Minar with the finest marble. There were Nagari and Arabic characters engraved in different sections of the structure. Again in 1803, the minaret was damaged very badly because of an earthquake. It was renovated by Robert Smith – the British army. He even installed a cupola at the top of the tower. Eventually, in 1848, the Governor-general named Henry Hardingay uninstalled the cupola and placed it towards the east where it still remains.

The Total height of Qutub Minar is 240 feet -73 m. The circular structure has a staircase of 379 steps. One can easily reach the top of the Qutub Minar to view some breathtaking glimpses of Delhi. One can also find some verses of the Quran written on the bricks. Every single floor of the architecture has a very fine construction where there are balconies and painted vaulting. The construction materials used for the maintenance and refurbishing of Qutub Minar varied from one stage to another. The tower has a slight tilt of 65 cm above the ground.

Things to do in Qutub Minar

Ever since the Medieval age, Qutub Minar has remained a timeless piece of attraction. recently the archaeological survey was given access to the structure. Now one can take a complete walk around and inside the structure. Here are some best things you can do in Qutub Minar

Check out the interiors

The first thing that you can do in Qutub Minar is to check out the intricate design and carvings of the skilled craftsmen around nine centuries back. Although some of the carvings have been damaged with time, they still look very beautiful.

Visit nearby places

You can visit Arshad khan Tomb and take a look at Lal Kot Fort nearby. Visit Humayun’s tomb and view the royal baths of the Mughal era.

Go For shopping

There are plenty of marketplaces near Qutub Minar. Enjoy purchasing the local souvenirs of Delhi and a walk in the market on foot.

Enjoy local food

Visit the nearby restaurants and indulge in the true flavors of Delhi. The local restaurants of this area are completely affordable and have a very delightful arrangement.

Spend time with family

You Can completely spend some quality time with your family in the area of Qutub Minar. Carry some snacks and munch them after you complete a tour of this place. Sit around the constructed area where most of the people just relax and watch children playing around.

Get On the top

Get On the sixth floor of Qutub Minar to view the panoramic city of Delhi. The terrace area of the architecture needs you to go by a staircase.

Things to remember on visiting Qutub Minar

  • Make sure that you plan your tourism specifically on a subtle day when it is neither very hot nor very cold. Carry an umbrella during the rainy season
  • The best time to visit Qutub Minar is during the morning when it remains crowd free. However, the evening would give you more pleasure because of the sunset view of the architecture
  • Book a nearby hotel if you want to spend some more time in the proximity of the historical monument

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Best time to visit

Sunrise to Sunset: It opens from 7 AM to 5 PM and the Mourning is the best time to visit Qutub Minar.
Qutub Minar remains open throughout the year. However, the best time is the winter season.

How to reach

Situated at Mehrauli in the South West area of Delhi, reaching Qutub Minar is not difficult as long as you have access to the Metro Station. Start your journey from DMRC station and get to Qutub Minar station with the help of the Metro. You can also follow the rail map and board a bus that lets you reach the location correctly.

Entry Fee

For Indians
INR 30 / person
0 / child (below 15 Years)

For Foreigners
INR 500 / person

INR 25 for Still Camera (non-commercial use)
INR 25 for Video Camera (non-commercial use)

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