Maldives: Top places to visit, 9 Things to Do, Where To Stay, When to Go

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People planning to have a luxurious trip often choose the Maldives as a prime destination. Flooded with Conjuring resorts and eye-catching sites, the best holiday location can give you a good break from your work schedule and monotony. The Maldives has a number of tourist destinations that need to be explored through and through. There are lovely Hotel Resorts, beaches, and budget-friendly vacation destinations. You would love to spend time on boats and also enjoy water sports activities in the place. The best part about visiting the Maldives is that you do not have to break the bank. There are some places that are highly affordable despite having a luxurious touch altogether.

In this article, we have brought a complete travel guide for the Maldives so that you can easily save money on planning a trip over here. Make the maximum of your tourism and create Nostalgia that lasts in your mind eternally.

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About Maldives

Most of the people in the Maldives follow a rigid Muslim culture and that is the reason why you will find local people dressed up in ethnic wear. Women can be found wearing long skirts and Hijab. You must bring some cash so that you can purchase the local handicrafts stuff. Do not mind visiting the official village named male which is one of the widest fish markets in the Maldives. Male is the capital city of Maldives.

There are around 530, 953 population in the Maldives, their official language is Dhivehi. The currency of Maldives is the Maldivian rufiyaa.

Top 5 places to visit in Maldives

Watching the beauty of Turquoise oceans while sitting under the sun in the Maldives is the best thing one can do. Enjoy visiting luxurious Spa centers, magnificent museums, and impressive villages to make you feel positive from the outside and the inner side. Let us explore the best of Maldives by looking at the below-mentioned list –

  • National Museum

The National Museum in the Maldives has a collection of assorted artifacts that give a sneak peek of history. There are Royal antiquities that belong to the old Buddhist and Islamic eras. The National Museum is a heaven for archaeologists and history lovers. You would additionally come across ornaments that were used by the royal blood of that time. Go through the manuscripts and have a look at the weapons that still look absolutely new. In simple words, the national Museum talks about the past of Maldives in detail.

  • Male city

Start your exploration tour in the Maldives by visiting the male city of Maldives. It is a small-sized capital of the place that has beautiful Turquoise waters and ancient buildings. You would also like to visit the mosques and watch out for the trees that look absolutely synchronized. The combination of green and blue at this place is super interesting to look at. Check out the National Museum and purchase the souvenirs at Majeedhee Magu. Pay A visit to the tsunami museum and also discover the historical Treasures of Maldives.

  • Maafushi Island

Maafushi Island is the best destination for honeymooners in the Maldives. It takes you away from the local crowd and delivers a sweet indulgence with the person you love. Maafushi Island has some of the most beautiful guest houses and Accommodation facilities at pocket-friendly prices. You can also dine in the local restaurants and explore the historical monuments to spend some peaceful time with your partner.

  • Artificial beach

Artificial beach is famous for its interesting water sports activities. The calm and placid seaside is also a good option for long strolls. Enjoy watching The Spectacular sunset and spend time with your family. The artificial beach has barbecues, cafes, and the tastiest meals that would always give you nostalgia when you think of Maldives. Located on the eastern side of Maldives, the artificial beach has man-made seashores with a very pleasant climate. You cannot make out that the beat is man-made by looking at it at the first glimpse. It is a popular destination for swimming and water sports activities. The blue-colored Maldivian water encourages a variety of fun activities. The artificial beach is amazing in every aspect. It is a place for colorful carnivals, parades, and concerts that entertain the visitors zestfully. You can also purchase some local souvenirs and enjoy dining at restaurants.

  • Addu atoll

Explore the lovely island of Addu atoll that is picture-perfect and absolutely loveable. The tall and perfect coconut trees look symmetrical and exotic. The well-maintained beach encourages water activities of various types. You can also explore the nearby Gan Island and interact with the locals for a truly authentic experience.

9 Things to do in the Maldives

The Maldives has a number of things to make your tourism a dream come true. Enjoy sipping cocktails and watching the sunset on the Island Oasis. The beauty of Bungalows over Water is spectacular. The adventure-ridden water activities in the islands are literally unbelievable as you get to communicate with the local community during excursions.

  • Snorkeling

Plan out a trip at Baa Atoll which is a UNESCO Bioreserve as well. It has plenty of whales and Sharks that can be found swarming underneath the surface of the boats. You can take a short boat ride starting from Dharavandhoo Island and explore the beauty of Maldives.

  • National Art Gallery

Established a decade back, the National Art Gallery has the most fascinating exhibition items on display. You would find a tempting range of local Textiles paintings and artwork from Modern artists that would instantly attract you without any delay.

  • Male fish market

Buy some of the tastiest fishes of the Maldives that can give you a lot of nutrients. The Maldives is a commercial Center for male fishes and you would love to enjoy them at your guesthouse for lunch or dinner.

  • A romantic dinner at sunset

The Maldives is the best destination for couples who want to multiply the Romance factor in a relationship. The place has plenty of destinations for nights out and parties. You can take a break from life and enjoy the thrilling sunset beach dinner to revive your relationship.

  • Visit the spa

The Maldives is a destination of love and romance. The island is equivalent to a Paradise and that is why you must not forget to pamper yourself over here. Visit the top-notch Spa centers in the Maldives where you can enjoy a couple massages to improve the relationship and essence. The professional Spa centers help you to relieve pain and anxiety with the help of different oils and slow music play. The skilled professionals of the Spa center give you such a feeling of relaxation that you would have never ever experienced before.

  • Bungalows over the water

The place of Maldives has so much worth exploring. Bungalows over Water are completely luxurious and advantageous. You can book a rental property in the Maldives to spend your holidays over there and discover the place even better. The Bungalows over the beachside are perfect for pure relaxation.

  • Surfing

The Maldives is the number one destination for surfing. If you want some Adrenaline Rush, Dhonveli is one Prime stop that you should choose. You do not have to be a skilled individual in order to enjoy surfing and water sports in the Maldives. People from all walks of life showcase their amateur skills and explore things beyond expectations.

The islands of Maldives also offer some professional surfing classes that you can join in to learn more.

  • Paddle boarding

Paddleboarding is also a great option if you want to see some swimming fish right below your boat. Maldives Island has plenty of Shallow water that comes with a proper flow and rising tides.

  • Scenic flights

The multiple shades of water in the Maldives are completely exotic and magical in their own way.  You can book a twin-engine floatplane to watch them from above the sky. You can always catch a scenic flight that lets you enjoy the pattern of Ocean currents and explore the marine beauty of Maldives better. The destination has Shallow water and gets low tide most of the time. You would feel completely lost in the beauty of Maldives once you come to this place.

Maldives travel cost

A trip to the Maldives costs somewhere between $2,500 to $3,500 per head. The beauty of Maldives is all about gorgeous beaches and extreme specifications in the culture. The mentioned travel cost of Maldives is inclusive of flight tickets, accommodation, and local tourism.

Where to stay in Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world and that is why you have to be very cautious regarding selecting the accommodation. You just don’t have to spend your years earning in one trip. Remain very careful regarding the quality of accommodation selected and have a look at the below-mentioned list –

  • Alifu

Another popular destination in the Maldives is Alifu where there are spectacular diving locations and lovely beaches. You can also enjoy the romantic sunsets and finest accommodation in the local Resorts that are absolutely exclusive in their interiors.

  • Addu

The southernmost tip of Maldives has Addu which is densely populated. The off-beaten path is still very beautiful and has so much to explore. Enjoy ferry rights and travel in seaplanes. The Maldives being a Muslim country puts restrictions on boozing and walking around in swimwear. You cannot totally ignore the rules in most places. However, in Resorts, you can stay peaceful and do what you want.

  • Dhaalu

The Southwest side of Maldives has Dhaalu having contemporary resorts and exclusive destinations that cater the modern tourists.

  • Niyama private Island

Niyama Private Island is a beautiful resort that can give you a luxurious feel and nice holiday tourism. There is a nightclub and a Spa center to pamper the tourist in the best way possible. You can easily reach Niyama private Island by taking a 40-minute ride in a car.

  • Kaafu

Kafu is another option that you can choose as one of the best accommodation options in the Maldives. You can easily find the bountiful resorts at Kaafu to feel comfortable and

How to get around Maldives

The Maldives has a number of exclusive tourist destinations that you cannot miss. Therefore, the best way to get around the place is by walking. You can visit the local capital -male city by traveling just 2.2 square kilometers. You can pick up a yacht to navigate through the waters and feel the beauty. Also, there are options to take a ferry ride and travel using a speed boat. The combination of different transportations can help you to explore much within a limited time period.

Here are some ways to get around Maldives-

  • Pedestrian

The most convenient choice for exploring the Maldives remains walking. Most of the local resorts are easily accessible by foot.

  • Yacht

People who are rich preferencing Yachts to gliding through the archipelago. Some of the Resorts have their personal dock to offer more convenience to the Travellers. You can charter a yacht or have your own to explore the place off-limits.

  • Taxi

You can easily find local taxis in the Maldives that can easily carry on luggage and help to explore the destination at a thunderstorm speed. Usually, the charges for completing a single trip using a taxi are around $1.30.

  • Seaplane

Seaplane delivers a bird’s eye view and you can explore the bountiful waters from the top above. This is one means of transportation that you can choose from an airport.

  • Ferry

Taking a tour of a fairy is also quite interesting and victorious. Somehow, it might be a little difficult to get a local ferry ride. Hence exploring the Maldives using a ferry ride is not recommended.

Best time to go to Maldives

You must plan out your tour in multi somewhere in between November to April when the climate remains warm and comfortable. During this period the temperature is neither very hot nor very cold. These months are dry and make it possible to explore the place very well. Usually, the temperature of Maldives ranges between 24 degrees to 31 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

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