20 Best Things To Do In Dauphin Island in Alabama

20 Best Things To Do In Dauphin Island in Alabama

The beautiful Dauphin island is located in the Gulf of Mexico. It is one of the most chosen places for relaxing and watching clear blue crystal water. Get indulged in the serenity of white sand and consider yourself totally away from the crazy world. The best part about Dauphin island is that it remains well-connected with transportation facilities. You are going to face no issues in reaching out to the place and enjoying the below-mentioned best tourist destinations over here minus

Dauphin island is a treasure trove of tranquility, Happiness, and serenity. The bird sanctuaries are quintessential. They can reduce your stress and give you plenty of recreation. Check out the list of best things to do in Dauphin island and overcome all your confusion and anxiety regarding exploring the place –

20 Best Things To Do In Dauphin Island

1. Dauphin Island Beaches

Dauphin island beaches

The stupendous Dauphin Island Beach is more of an escape from a busy lifestyle. The naturally beautiful landscapes are the favorite of visitors. You can also view historical exhibits and spend some time with your children and family in the well-maintained park. The unique beach is also pet friendly and does not require you to pay much for the entry fee. Just $5 or enough to access the beach and enjoy its high-end facilities.

2. Dauphin Island Pier

The Recent migrations have made Dauphin Island Pier Completely dry and not a suitable place to enjoy fishing. However, earlier it was more than the usual place to catch fish. Currently, it is used for picnicking and sightseeing only.

3. Explore Fort Gaines

fort-gaines-Dauphin island

Established in 1821, Fort Gaines In Dauphin is one of the most credible historic sites in the city. You can easily reach the place by car or a ferry depending on what you choose. You need to pay a little entrance fee and that is absolutely genuine because you would enjoy discovering something new through and through. It takes around 40 minutes to wander around the museum and the fort while discovering the remains of the past. There are cannons barracks and magazines which are well preserved. A self-guided tour is also a good option.

4. Estuarium at Dauphin Island Sea Lab

The Estuarium name has now been modified to Alabama aquarium. It is one of the most exciting and educational places highlighting the coastal life of Alabama. There are a total of 31 aquariums enhancing more than varieties of species on display. The natural resources for the survival of marine animals are well preserved. The visual exhibit is very engaging educational and interactive.

5. Dauphin Island Heritage & Arts Council

The charitable non-profit organization is all about encouraging artists and patrons. The educational art programs are all about literary performances and something very energizing. There are art performances and exhibitions taking place in the place from time to time. The major emphasis is laid on maintaining the heritage of Dauphin. Participate in the Dauphin island Native American festival held in November every year.

6. Mobile Bay Ferry

It is none other than the mobile bay ferry that connects Fort Morgan to Dauphin island. Instead of opting for monotonous traveling between these two points, a Better idea would be to opt for a mobile ferry ride to give next-level pleasure to your visual senses. The mobile ferry operates all year round and remained busy during certain months.

7. The Lighthouse Bakery

The lighthouse bakery in Dauphin is not an ordinary bakery shop that you would visit. It has freshly baked cookies, goods and sweets served with warm cups of coffee to the visitors. Each and every eatery that you would find in the bakery is completely fresh from scratch. The kitchen begins in the morning and has the original recipes of Mrs. Marie Scarcliff and her daughter Crystal Jones. Even if you ask the bakery to prepare something special for you, they readily do it according to the requirement. You can ask them for strawberry raspberry cheesecake, pigs in a blanket, cookies, muffins, plain cream cheese, danish bacon rolls and more. The coffee served at this place is also very different because it is prepared with freshly roasted gourmet. A true coffee lover would definitely enjoy experiencing the latte of this place.

8. Dauphin Island Marina

Dauphin Island Marina comprises some great marine facilities where you can totally enjoy being to this place. There are ships having plenty of arrangements For fuel and board maintenance. You can also pay a visit to the restrooms, storage areas, restaurant and shower rooms to know how things actually are. People who are actually interested in more can also join the chartered fishing trips. The rentals are basically available starting for two hours and extend even for a full day.

9. Audubon Bird Sanctuary

The bird sanctuary in Audubon is the best place where you can view migratory birds in the spring season. It is been researched that more than 95% of the bird species in Alabama come to this place. The South and Central American Species are very beautiful to look at. You can find some of the loveliest creatures flocking at an area of 137 acres.

10. Dauphin Island Bird Houses

Different colors of birdhouses in Dauphin were originally created by fishermen. However, today the place serves as a very vital tourist destination and seems to be much perfect for photographers. The island of birdhouses is basically a nickname given to a popular barrier Island resort that is situated on a white sand beach. You can enjoy spending some time in the living quarters and find out more about the historic fortification.

11. Dauphin Island Campground

The pet-friendly beachfront has walking trails and an Audubon Bird sanctuary nearby. The campground amenities include washers, dryers, a bathhouse, a playground, and a barbeque grill. It also allows fishing alongside, volleyball, horseshoes, shuffleboard, bike rental and other fun activities. You can easily contact the place on the given phone number online and book your favorite activity right there.

12. Play A Round of Golf

You can choose Manita golf course, Sunset golf course, Sportsman’s golf course, or any other place that you personally find soothing. All the golf courses are well-maintained, having clean green grass and the required facility. Some of them are reserved for the military and are accessible at a payment of a certain fee only. The tea boxes are Beautiful and the available staff is also well-trained. If you are a true golf lover, nothing can satisfy you better than the golf courses in Dauphin.

13. Rent A Bike

If you reach Dauphin island, there are plenty of bike rental and cycle rental facilities available. You can also watch out for people getting involved in different types of sports activities and learn from them. Available from 9 AM – 6 PM, the prices are completely subject to variation. There are plenty of bike models available to give you a thrilling experience.

14. Lunch With A View

Enjoying some good food along with visual pleasure is like experiencing heaven on earth. Lunch with a view in Dauphin can be best experienced at Pirates bar and Grill and Islander restaurant and bar. These restaurants pay special attention to Delivering the nicest customer experience. You can always stop here and book lunch beforehand. The crawfish cakes, bread, truffles, brunch preparations and everything else is very delightful. Being an adult, you avoid something like this if you are on a tour at Dauphin.

15. Indian Shell Mound Park

One of The biggest tourist attractions in the place of Dauphin remains the Indian Shell Mound Park. There are lovely marine sources, subtropical representations and botanical treasures. The historic place was registered back in 1973. It is a renowned tourist destination having migratory birds and everything completely natural. A self-guided tour of this place would give you plenty to enjoy. You can call the entire island a bird sanctuary because it has various new tropical migratory birds coming to it. The Alabama coastal birding Trail is also a good option to stop and visit.

16. Go Fishing!


Dauphin island fishing is backed by history and tradition. It has grown over time period And gives you a lot of opportunities to catch hold of juicy bottom dwellers and shallow water species. There is no end to what you can potentially catch here. Redfish is absolutely popular here because of its flavourful and delightful taste. Also known as slot red, it has a large size. Apart from that, you can catch hold of Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Speckled Trout, Snapper, and Grouper and Amber Jack. All these varieties of fishes are just perfect floating objects waiting for you to catch them. The spinning head fishes taste seriously delicious and you have to face a real battle in managing them.

17. Take Ferry To Fort Morgan

The trip between Dauphin Islands and Fort Gaines can be made incredibly better with a short ferry trip. Spend those 40 minutes of your life viewing the best visuals having migratory birds, historic forts and so many exorbitant things. The vehicles carry passengers across the bay all year round. Busier during the summer months, you can book a scheduled ferry ride beforehand to avoid disappointments. Each and every point of Dauphin island can be discovered by sitting on the ferry specifically developed to give you a pleasant traveling experience. A short drive would let you view wildlife, shores, condos and more.

18. Dinner At Miguel’s Beach’n Baja

The wonderful restaurant in Dauphin is known for its food service and value. You can find special vegetarian dishes for lunch and dinner over here. Travelers across the world always make a plan to have at least one meal at Miguel’s Beach’n Baja. Enjoying dinner over here is more because of the delightful arrangement and filled with ambiance. It takes a bit more time to order and get your food but believe us, everything about this place is just excellent. The prices are slightly high but they Genuinely pay off with the quality menu served. Enjoy beef tacos, fish and more with your family over here. The restaurant provides the most tickling seafood served very well.

19. Watch A Sunset

Dauphin island is also known as the sunset capital of Alabama. It provides panoramic sunset views for the residents and visitors. The colorful and serene seascape Would definitely give you a proud moment being here. The geographical location of the place is such that you get to enjoy a very unique experience of the sunset. It is completely out of the world to stand over wet sand and watch the sun hiding slowly and gradually. The motivational effects of sunset upon mankind create a different impact altogether. Also, if you are a musician or a photography lover, this place would make you think more deeply about it.

20. Visit the Goat Tree Reserve

The goat tree reserve is basically a wide complex shelter for goats and birds. There are migratory birds and other species existing since 2002. The most important places to visit in Dauphin island protect mother nature in so many different ways. First of all, it gives shelter to various animals and birds. Secondly, it saves oak trees from any devastation and cutting. The legendary place is a must-visit, especially during the spring and fall. The well-maintained reserve is under governmental control for its look after.

Where Is Dauphin Island?

Dauphin Island is Located just 3 miles from mainland of Alabama.

Dauphin Island is the Gulf of Mexico, directly 45 minutes south of Mobile. It’s nearby Orange Beach! You could easily visit Dauphin Island from Orange Beach on a day trip.

How To Get To Dauphin Island?

You can fly into the Mobile Regional Airport and drive about an hour south to Dauphin Island. You can access the island by traveling the 3-mile Dauphin Island Bridge on Alabama State Route 193, the drive will be beautiful and scenic.

Another option is to fly into the Pensacola International Airport in Florida, then drive about 90 minutes west to Fort Morgan, Alabama. Once you reach Fort Morgan, you’ll need to board the Mobile Bay Ferry. The Ferry to Dauphin Island takes about 40 minutes. However, during peak summer days the wait can get long so get there about 30 minutes before the ferry is scheduled to take off. The ferry makes eight round trips per day throughout the year.

Cost: Once you get to the ferry dock there is a booth where you can buy your ticket. Vehicles with driver are $18.00, additional persons in a car are $6.00, pedestrians are $6.00 and kids under 6 are free.

Where To Stay on Dauphin Island?

Part of Dauphin Island’s charm is that there are no chain hotels or motels. Accommodations are limited to local motels, inns, vacation rentals, and campgrounds.

Dauphin Island Rentals

Dauphin Island rental ran about $202 a night before fees; however, there are a ton of Airbnb rentals on Dauphin Island, so I’d suggest customizing your search by number of travelers, date range, and price point and seeing what you find.

Motels And Inns

Located right on Graveline Bay and just steps from the beach, Gulf Breeze Motel is one of the only motels on Dauphin Island. The accommodations available at this family-owned establishment range from standard motel rooms to two-bedroom suites with full kitchens.

Here are a few to choose from:

  • Gulf Breeze Motel
  • Inn At Dauphin Island
  • Dauphin Island Harbor House
  • Willow Tree Cottage

Camping Options

Whether you plan to pitch a tent or park an RV, there are several campgrounds available on Dauphin Island. One of the most popular is Dauphin Island Park & Beach, a large, dog-friendly campground with beach access.

Where To Eat?

Some of good Places to Eat Dauphin Island

  • Miguel’s Beach’n Baja
  • The Islanders Restaurant and Bar
  • Pirates Bar and Grill
  • Dority’s
  • Capt’n Snapper’s Marina Bar & Grill
  • Foxy’s Waffle Bar and Sugar Den
  • Lighthouse Bakery
  • Pelican Pub

Best Time Of Year To Visit

Dauphin Island can be visited through the Year. Howeever, March to October months are the best times to visit.

Final words

All the beaches in Dauphin are spectacular and have fewer crowds on working days. When you want to recharge and explore the best things during a trip, visiting Dauphin island in Alabama should be done. Walk through the trails or rent a bike at suitable locations. The exotic nature reserves, public aquariums and green space parks are more than the visual experiences. The island remains accessible to everybody out there. The ferry ride and the breathable views transport you to a different place altogether. If you want to experience heaven on earth, plan out visiting Dauphin once.

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