Bayou La Batre Town, The Seafood Capital of Alabama

Bayou La Batre Town

Bayou La Batre Town is specifically known as the fishing town of Alabama. it was the hometown of the fictional character of Forest Gump “Bubba” (Benjamin Buford Blue). Also, the Black Pearl ship we have seen in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean was built here by Disney Studios. Bayou La Batre is pronounced By’l – La – Bat – tree

Bayou La Batre The “Seafood Capital of Alabama” is located in south Mobile County, it is simply so famous because of its French connection. The place is dramatically affected by hurricanes. Natural disaster often leaves a long-lasting imprint on the area.

There are entire communities involved in fishing activities. Resultantly, you can find many places that are suitable for this activity. Indeed, there runs a whole seafood and tourism

Industry because of the picture-perfect destinations and economy. Any time you can plan out a visit to this place and expect yourself to experience something totally different.

Things to dO in Bayou La Batre

Whenever you happen to visit Bayou La Batre Town, just explore the Dauphin Island Bridge where you would truly appreciate the engineering done. The first tourist destination that you would come across would be cedar point fishing pier. Other than that, there are museums, forts, Restaurants and sanctuaries that have enough to make an average visitor happy.


The exquisite fishing destinations of Bayou La Batre Town include fishing charters and a special variety of sea animals. Stay prepared to indulge in the lifeblood and learn something entirely new. You can take the help of experienced fishermen to catch better varieties of sea animals.

Bayou La Batre Fishing Boats

Visit the local areas in Bayou La Batre Town and you will come across some pleasurable models of fishing boats. If you truly love high-performance marine equipment, choose a luxury yacht giving you the ultimate experience. Here you can select a board according to your lifestyle and comfort. You can select Landry boats, seamen dock, summertime charters, fanatics dauphin island fishing charters, and anything else you desire.

Watch the boats

bayou-la-batre boats

The visitors can enjoy watching boats at just $5 per person in most of the places. You can spend plenty of time watching the navy boats for hours.

Visit Gulf Coast gator ranch and Tours, airboat adventures, McCoy’s river, and marsh tour, ugly fishing, and airboat express. These are some of the most ballistic places that can never let you go wrong with your choices. Enjoy watching professional fishermen guiding usual people over the rivers and oceans. You can rent a boat yourself and experience something very delightful in this place.


  1. Captain Frank smoke shack

If you are a barbeque lover, this is the finest restaurant to choose from. It has probably everything barbecued fresh to tickle your taste buds.

  1. Catalina restaurant

When you don’t want to compromise on the quality of the food, Catalina restaurant is definitely going to impress you. The place serves some of the best eateries while catching fresh fish and baking the town’s beans. You would enjoy the turnip greens in case you are a pure vegetarian.

  1. Light House restaurant

Lighthouse restaurant is specifically a place for seafood dinners. You cannot deny appreciating the fish platter and crab claws that remain a specialty of this restaurant. Whatever you want to eat is prepared instantly for both lunch and dinner.


There are many hotels near Bayou La Batre Town. Here we have brought a few worthwhile suggestions on this page.
Bayou Inn & Suites
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
Home2Suites by Hilton Mobile West 1-10 Tillmans Corner
Any of these are good to spend your Holidays. The Majority Of them are near the beach and offer basic amenities like a kitchen, free Wi-Fi, a gym, a hot breakfast and contemporary rooms. You are going to enjoy your tourism even better with the comfortable amenities available at these hotel rooms.

How to reach Bayou La Batre Town

Bayou La Batre Town is about 22 miles and takes 30 minutes from Mobile Regional Airport.


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