3 Best Things to do in Dadeville Alabama

3 Best Things to do in Dadeville-featured

Discover the most exotic beauty on earth at Dadeville, Alabama. You can enjoy the pristine golf course and still water lakes without any disturbance or shortcomings. Take A bite in the local restaurants and indulge in the relaxing atmosphere that makes you feel completely special on a holiday. The highlands and the local villages of Alabama deserve to be discovered by every tourist who is enthusiastic about natural beauty. You can never find a better place to relax than these hotspot tourist destinations. The Woodlands and the hills create a vista that leaves you mesmerized throughout.

3 Best Places to visit in Dadeville, AL

1. Still water Golf Course

Still water Golf Course - 3 Best Places to visit in Dadeville
image credit: www.stillwatersgolf.com

📌 797 Moonbrook dr., dadeville AL 3685

Still Water Golf Course has been famous since 1997. They were designed by Kurt Sandness. The main target was to generate aesthetically appealing and strategically challenging golf courses that lie in the lap of mother nature. Currently, Stillwater golf course is under the ownership of Keith Heitt. They are lush green and absolutely well-manicured for taking new golf challenges. You can play there on a daily basis while improving Your overall skills. The golf course is laid at an elevation of 200 feet with additional tees. The expansive Stillwater is breathtaking in Alabama with rolling vistas. You will definitely enjoy sipping a hot drink over the lush green natural beauty. Spot the wild deer and turkey at this place.

2. Lake Martin Recreation Area

Things To Do In Lake Martin

📌 350 Air Force Rd, Dadeville, AL 36853

The Lake Martin recreation area is another masterpiece in Dadeville, Alabama to spend your free time. The Area is a prime location for fishing and enjoying picnic activities. It is flooded with stunning scenic views and grills where one can plan out the best enjoyment with family. There are mobile home rentals and swimming areas to create a special bond with your family. The outdoor recreational area is completely open for public access and members. You need to book the reservation according to the number of family members going to stay together. All the cabins are fully furnished and are completely perfect to spend a good time there. Located on the sandy beaches, Lake Martin recreational area is something that you are not going to find in any other place at all.

Have complete Lakeside fun in the rentable cabins and boats that have all the required facilities. Kayaking, boating, and water sports activities are completely possible at Lake Martin recreational area. You need to pre-book the arrangements by making an advance payment. Cancellations are allowed and the overall policies of the rental areas keep on deferring.

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3. Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail

Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail

📌 2234 Overlook Dr, Dadeville, AL 36853

Enjoy your holiday tourism at Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail which is a moderate-level challenging route. It takes around two hours to complete the area on foot. Just the perfect location for birding, hiking, and fishing, Cherokee Ridge alpine Trail is a beautiful option where you can spend some quality time Clicking pictures. The tourist  Location remains open all year round and you can spend some solitude at this place. If You Are fond of initiating some Fun activities like running, walking, hiking and fishing, Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail is a good option to spend plenty of time together with the family or alone.

The expertly maintained hiking Trail has a preserved natural beauty. The major reason behind the construction of the tourist location was to preserve the natural beauty around the Tallapoosa river. Overall, the area covers 26 miles that can be easily discovered on foot or on the bike.


Pennington Park

📌 121 N Spring St, Dadeville, AL 36853

Pennington Park is a great place to visit, the owners of this park allow people to host events there.

Tallapoosee Historical Museum

📌 214 North Broadnax Street Dadeville, AL 36853

Tallapoosee Historical Museum was founded in 1969. It’s a very nice place and has a collection covering Dadeville’s history and also Southeast Alabama’s history.

Museum Timings:
Thursdays and Fridays from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Saturdays 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Restaurants in Dadeville

Fusion Grill – 1065 Tallassee St, Dadeville, AL 36853
Sam’s Kountry Kitchen – 118-142 E South St, Dadeville, AL 36853
Nolabama Snack Shack – 109 West South St, Dadeville, AL 36853
Bob’s Fine Food & BBQ – 306 N Broadnax St #1307, Dadeville, AL 36853
Azteca’s Mexican Grill – 18092 US-280, Dadeville, AL 36853

Hotels & Resorts in Dadeville

Destination Resort – 1474 Agricola Rd, Dadeville, AL 36853, United States
Heart of Dixie Motel – 1775 E South St, Dadeville, AL 36853, United States
Paradise Bed and Breakfast on Lake Martin – 98 Rainbow Rd #4917, Dadeville, AL 36853

Final words

Alabama is known by many names. The place is the favorite of Spanish explorers ever since 1540. There are so many tourist destinations that can give you an indulging experience and a glimpse of vibrant culture altogether. Alabama has plenty of popular tourist destinations, islands, and sanctuaries that deliver a legendary experience altogether. The beauty remains unfaded and very attractive Always. The river of Alabama is also a good place where you can capture some of the most exotic scenic views and enjoy annual festivals.

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