20+ Best places to visit in Bali for first timers


Bali is the quintessential tropical location and has more than 17000 Islands located in it. The place is a combination of commercial and fun activities. The culture of Bali has something very attractive about it and that is the reason why it gets tourists throughout the year from all parts of the world. The temples, tourist destinations, and ancient locations are not less than a Paradise. Anyone who wants to explore the best places to visit in Bali should not miss out the list of Best Destinations in Bali for first timers we have included on this page. Amongst the best things to do in Bali are activities like Scuba Diving, Rock climbing, Sunbathing, and spending time at beaches.

Here are some of the best tourist destinations in Bali for first timers that should not be missed


Nusa Dua

The place for water sports accounts for sophisticated Vibes and Stylish towns. Nusa dua has spellbound dining areas and some amazing food recipes that you must try. The soft sand is utterly romantic and attracts all the lazy people who do not have any demand except serenity. The refreshing tourist destination also has various attractions and temples nearby. Spend your day relaxing and sunbathing on the beach with your partner. Get involved in water sports and keep your whole family entertained in one and many ways.

Mount Batur

Mount Batur

The Eastern section of Bali is completely dominated by Mount Batur that forms a vital tourist destination for sports lovers and natural beauty explorers. There are lakes and several villages surrounding the area ever since its existence. As you reach the top of mount batur, it would make you eligible to enjoy the lovely sunrise. People specifically visit Mount Batur because of its panoramic sunrise and pura alum Dani Batur which is amongst the nine famous Hindu temples of the area.


Tanah lot

The prestigious place of Bali has lots of Hindu temples and mythological places. People who want to explore something different during their excursion in Bali must select Tanha lot as a popular tourist destination. You would be amazed with the collection of souvenirs in the local shops. Also, the place is so beautiful that it would leave you literally engrossed at each step. Make sure that you are present at the destination during the beach sunset. You must not miss out on the local parks and temples that are scattered all across the place.



Covered all over with terrace rice fields, Ubud is a picture perfect tourist destination of Bali. It has the most important neka Art Museum having some exquisite collections of Balinese paintings. Each is uniquely made and is sure to leave all the visitors absolutely bewildered. You would love to enjoy the talented music and dance performances from the localities of the area. There are numerous art forms that the visitors can choose to feel the thrill of Indonesian culture. The craft shops and art galleries have a lot to let you shop and take away.

Kuta beach

Fond of fishing? Visit the Kuta Beach in Bali that has been a great surfing spot ever since the 1970s. The southern point of village Kalurahan has the long and stretchy beach with the most scenic and bountiful views. Kuta beach can give you an elongated experience during night life activities. The beach gets a little crowd during the daytime and gets a whopping amount of visitors as the sun sets. You would enjoy spending some quality time in the solidarity of the beach that has been well maintained and remains a popular tourist destination of Bali throughout the year.

Nusa lembongan

Included in the list of best places in Bali, Nusa lembongan is a provincial area that should not be taken for granted. You must plan out to explore the southern Eastern nusa lembongan beach that can be easily covered in a couple of hours by foot. It is a small place but beautiful enough to make your day trip super interesting. There are some beaches having Turquoise waters. They are just perfect for snorkeling and diving. The marine life is abundant and the Waves define much about the place.

Pura luhur uluwatu

The Southern tip of Bali has Pura luhur uluwatu. It is one of the oldest existing places in Bali with temples that belong to the 11th century era. There are interesting facts about the Hindu temples and the stories that contribute to their existence. In some of the temples, you would specifically find Hindu priests worshiping The God and maintaining the temple purity. They would guide you throughout the process and that would be enough to leave an impression in your mind about the beautiful place. Just like typical Indian temples, Pura luhur uluwatu also has a lovely Statue Of Ganesha. Also, you will find monkeys begging the local tourists to grant them something to eat (just like we see in India). The evening sunset becomes all the more enjoyable with the dance performances and different forms of artistry.


Have you ever seen black volcanic sand from very close? If your answer is no,  then you ought to visit Lovina as a popular spot for snorkeling in Bali. The adventurous tourist destination in Bali has a 5 Mile beach stretch with lovely black colour volcanic sand. The waves are calm and the local visitors can easily initiate water sports at this place. Indeed, lovina is one of the best places to enjoy beach sports in Bali. It is fit for beginners and newcomers. The area can give you an ideal vacation destination and attract families most of the time.


The South Western coast has one of the best places to visit in Bali- Seminyak. The small town has multiple tourist destinations to give you a proper engagement. The high end luxury Hotels and Spa facilities are enough to heal and impress the Travelers. People who are extremely fond of swimming can visit the local Seminyak beach that is a flocking destination for every water sports lover. The big waves would test you for your skills and the beauty of the beach will definitely help you to have a nice time.

Besaikh Temple

The main temple of Bali is situated towards the South Western slope of the Mount agung hill. The temple has a total of 18 distinct sanctuaries that belong to a separate caste each. The multi storey Temple has Hindu idols dedicated to Vishnu, shiva and Brahma. Earlier during 1995, Besaikh Temple was a World Heritage site. Every year there are more than 70 Hindu ceremonies taking place in the temple Shrine. You must visit the religious place in the morning at 8:00 a.m.

Sanur beach

Also, known as the snore beach, sanur beach in Bali has plenty to watch and enjoy. The historic sites are just nearby and there are inscriptions that date back to the old 19th century. Do not miss the mayeur museum that has been once famous for artistic works. The cultural Treasures of Sanur beach include numerous temples and natural beauty spread across the place. The beach remains open to entertain the visitors and if you leave them amazed With The dramatic sunsets.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

The most attractive destination of Bali tourism is Bali Safari and Marine Park. The theme park has more than 60 species that belong to different continents. You would love to see animal talent shows that are held on an open stage from time to time. It is quite exotic to see aquatic animals performing different activities. The Exotic fish specimens like piranhas are also accessible. People can have a good time with their families in the park that is filled with amusement rides and interesting activities. You can also spot the famous Bali theater within the park that scheduled showtimes for the visitors. The park remains open between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. everyday.

Jatiluwih rice terrace

Not all the tourist destinations have to be similar in nature. Sometimes, you must explore the intricacies of the place so that you have a come back again and again. Jatiluwih rice terrace is an important part of Bali agricultural activity. The vast fields commonly attract crowds because of its soothing beauty. If you want to relax away from the usual crowd of the place, jatiluwih is a perfect place that can offer you serenity. It was once identified as a UNESCO cultural heritage site. The traditional water management system maintains the crop fields. There is much to learn about agricultural activities after you visit the place of Jatiluwih.

Pura besakih

Pura Besakih is all about the holy temples and some ancient stories that the visitors would love to hear. There are temples named after Dragon boards with Complex structures. Pura besakih does not have much to give the visitors but definitely it is a place that is aggressively attractive and demands participation from every visitor.

Goa gajah

Bali is not just about beaches and temples. It is also about some magnanimous places that are resilient and meditational. Goa Gaja is recorded as the Best archaeological site of Bali having Complex stone structures and attractive Caves. You would love to see the wedding pools and courtyard that forms a prime feature of tourist attraction. Goa gajah is situated towards the Bulu village and has to be traveled around 6 km from the central ubud destination of Bali.


There are a lot of rice fields scattered all over the place of Canggu. The less developed town has live music, dance performances, nice cocktails and weekly parties. There are also some activities that you would love to initiate at this tourist destination.

Sacred monkey forest

Located in the Ubud destination of Bali, Sacred monkey forest is a Sanctuary where you would find various Macau monkeys scattered all over the place. The local Hindu temple has many Statues and sculptures dedicated to the religion. You would adore finding the wild and adventurous atmosphere that almost requires no special guide. Make sure that you keep all your items absolutely secured because the monkeys would snatch away them in no time. Stay safe in Bali and enjoy the spirituality of the ancient site.

Bali treetop adventure Park

The awesome Botanical Garden is a fun place for all age groups. The middle aged kids and adults would definitely have an Adrenaline Rush with fun and thrilling activities meant To Be initiated. You can complete exciting challenges that include balancing blocks, swinging on-net and jumping on the unusual path. There are admirable views as you discover the play all the more. Bali treetop adventure Park is definitely one of the best places to visit in Bali that deserves to be missed for no reason at all.

Bunut bolong in manggisari

Located in West Bali, it is a natural and exquisite Landmark that holds the shape of a hollow Banyan Tree. The gigantic Banyan tree is highly sacred and worshiped by Manggisari villagers. You would love to hear the old tales from the local people who would tell you what end did people meet trying to chop off the tree. The hollow base Banyan tree is naturally formed and is again very admirable.


The mountain village is the central part of Bali. It is situated in the Karangasem residency and remains a popular destination for sightseeing. The place also has an active Mount Batur volcano that has erupted around 24 times ever since 1800. Kintamani has a lot of small and uncommon tourist places that can be discovered in just one day. You can choose it as one option if you have some spare time.

Final words

Bali has more than the above mentioned top 20 destinations to be visited. Explore the culture, mythology, ancient stories,  natural beauty and thrill of the place by planning an elaborate tour. Enjoy the local snacks and see the Vibes of the localities by visiting multiple destinations in a small time period. The Hippie places and temples together please the souls who visit these destinations. There is no shortage of market areas for sports activities and adventure in the above mentioned destinations. Sit back watching the dolphins and get involved in the rural atmosphere of Bali. Everything about the destination is so awesome that you will plan a tour each year at this place. The festivals held in Bali are quirky and worth participating even if you know little about them. The amusement parks are not just the usual ones but more indulging than you can imagine. The moment you get some leisure, you must not mind visiting the best tourist destinations in Bali that we have included in the compiled list.

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