Top 15+ Tourist Places to Visit in Alexander City, AL

Top 15+ Tourist Places to Visit in Alexander City, AL

Named in 1873 after President advert Potter Alexander, Alexander city (also known as ‘Alex City’) is one of the best options for enjoying Lakeside recreation, Riverside views, and plenty of beautiful tourist destinations. It is indeed a prime holiday destination where you can boating at Lake Martin and exploring the subterranean caverns remains a super fascinating activity. The city offers an unlimited amount of entertainment along with astounding options for shopping and dining. Let us discover what are the Best things to do in Alexander City.

Best Places to visit in Alexander City, Alabama

1. Smith Mountain Fire Tower

Smith Mountain Fire Tower

? Jacksons’ Gap, AL 36861, United States

Built in 1939, Smith Mountain Fire Tower is basically a 90-foot tower that was specifically built to identify the spread of fire in forests till 1980. You can climb up to the top of the tower to view some panoramic vistas. Tallapoosa County and Lake Martin are easily visible Through this Firetower. It is just an incredible location from where you can begin your journey. It is also a place where horned owls, bird species, and woodpeckers are located.

2. Wind Creek State Park

Wind Creek State Park
image credit:

? 4325 Alabama Highway 128 Alexander City, AL 35010

Wind Creek State Park is a place where you can enjoy your free time at 1445 acres of land. It is a popular place for fishing, hiking, and camping with abundant attractions for visitors. Wind Creek State Park in Alex city also has recreational arrangements for children. You would love to spend your day fishing on Lake Martin. Rent a boat to sail throughout the lake or do cycling to spend a good time.

3. Wellborn Musclecar Museum

Wellborn Musclecar Museum

? 124 Broad St, Alexander City, AL 35010, United States

If you really love cars, the Wellborn Musclecar Museum is definitely going to be a place of interest for you. The museum features the finest collections of muscle cars including Aero cars for boys, Mustang, and the ones produced by Hemi Dodge charger. The museum is completely decorated with some of the most fascinating models of car engines. The vintage-style sign boards include important information about these cars. If you are a diehard fan of American automobiles, this place is going to show you the rarest collection.

4. Southern Star farm

Southern Star farm(1)

? 10390 AL-259, Alexander City, AL 35010, United States

Southern Star farm is a place where you can find a wide variety of cats, horses, and dogs. The lovely and innocent creatures roam about in an area of 132 acres. The animals help to produce wool and other unique products. All the produce is sold in a farm craft shop where you can purchase them very easily. You can also get to spot alpacas that are just Super fascinating and lovely if you have children and young travelers along. Southern Star Farm is definitely a great place to witness some furry animals.

5. Dare Power Park

dare park

? 4633 Young’s Ferry Rd, Jacksons’ Gap, AL 36861, United States

Lake Martin has recently Got an add-on in the form of dare power park. The widespread park is fascinating and a perfect option for summer retreats. It has fishing piers, barbeque, and a sandy beach for sunbathing. The eastern sea shores have this place along with several other forest hiking facilities. Do not forget to carry a camera because you are well some amazing eye-catching views.

6. Lake Martin

Lake Martin

? Tallapoosa, Elmore, and Coosa counties in Alabama, USA.

The man-made lake in Alexander city has more than 750 miles of Woodland shoreline trails. It is an attractive place for water sports activities and playing golf. The chimney rock is a nearby a popular tourist attraction that delivers a spectacular view to every visitor. Goat Island is again a very interesting place where you can find various families of goats located at a single place. The sandy beaches, restaurants, and camping areas are just perfect for summertime outdoor activities like sailing, swimming, skiing, fishing, golfing, and canoeing.
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7. Majestic Caverns (DeSoto Caverns)

Majestic DeSoto Caverns

? 5181 DeSoto Caverns Pkwy, Childersburg, AL 35044

Discovered in 1796 by Benjamin Hawkins, the DeSoto caves are located in the appellation foothills. Indeed, they were the first caves discovered in America. The prehistoric Indians dwelt in these caverns. In fact, they were used to give protection to the civilians and to Help the military people fight the civil war. The caves maintain a temperature of 60°C which is indeed quite mystical. Everybody has a unique story to tell about the caves in the city.

8. Tallapoosa River Canoeing

In case you want to have a wonderful day in Alex City, Tallapoosa River Canoeing Can give you a dream experience. You can hire a kayak for a beautiful wildlife experience. The Thrilling white water experience is definitely going to make a return to this place once again in your lifetime. You can also join the kayaking schools along the river that remain the largest centers in Wetumpka. An overall driver of 45 minutes is enough to cover up such a distance.

9. Talladega National Forest

Talladega national forest is a perfect place for cycling and discovering the beautiful mountains of Alex city. It has a wide area of 613 mi.² which also makes it a perfect place for wildlife activities. Enjoy watching the cascading waterfalls and initiating hiking with your team. Spot black dear,  see a Coyote and white-tailed deer.

The forest has various plants and birds. Put on your walking shoes and enjoy the wonderful scenic activities in the corner of Alabama.

10. Dine at SpringHouse

? 12 Benson Mill Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010

A Springhouse restaurant in Alex city is quite stunning with Gothic-style chandeliers and mesmerizing arrangements. The artistic design of the restaurant also includes a mezzanine balcony lush green gardens and rustic music. The local cuisine tastes so awesome that you would feel like having it more than just once during your trip. Do not forget to enjoy the legendary Sunday brunch and pack away boxes of dishes that are totally suitable for all. The crispy speckled trout is one of the things to remember. The mouthwatering deserts are simply stunning and full of good taste.

11. Horseshoe Bend National Military Park

? 11288 Horseshoe Bend Road Daviston , AL 36256

The horseshoe Bend was once the final sight of the creek war battle that took place long back in 1814. The park still has some of the most jaw-dropping monuments and remains that remind us of the great event that took place. The visitor center delivers all the important details that seem interesting to the tourists. The park is very informative and entertaining for a leisurely stroll. You can also spend some time on the riverbank which shows plenty of things about the past. It is important to obtain as much as information as possible so that it is possible to exactly imagine that period of the past.

The veterans receive lifetime access to the National Park. The major purpose of building the military Park in Alex city is to support the country and to encourage recreational opportunities on public land.

12. Willow Point Golf Course

? 2544 Willow Point Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010

Willow Point Golf course has a breathtaking viewing site with Lake Martin adding to its look. The tranquility of the shores literally makes you feel Stunning and calm. You need to have a couple of extra skills that are rather suitable for intermediaries and medium-level players. You can spend enough time With your family at this place and also dine in the nearby restaurant. Willow Point golf course has recently gained a lot of importance ever since people are realizing the effect of the Sedentary lifestyle. There are more and more people coming to the golf course every day to brush up their skills and to have some physical activity. The improved air quality and discouraged use of pesticides in the maintenance of the golf course are one of the main reasons why people feel so fresh over here.

13. Russell Forest Trails

Nature lovers can never resist visiting the Russel forest trails in Alexander’s city. All you need to do is travel 11 miles towards the South and You Are going to have the best view of the natural beauty. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna along with some historic views. Enjoy hiking, biking, and horse riding at this place that also gives so many memories to take back along. The Russell forest trails have enough space where you can spend your entire day. The attractive design of the Forest Trail impresses both local and overseas visitors. There are arrangements for playing tennis and other sports to make it a perfect picnic destination. There is no shortage of recreational space in the Park altogether.

14. Sho’Nuff Bar-B-Que

? 651 Alex City Shopping Center Dr, Alexander City, AL 35010

You just cannot complete your trip to Alexander city without trying the barbeque cuisine in Sho’Nuff Bar-B-QueRestaurants. Enjoy a variety of shrimp dishes, sandwiches, catfish stews, and pot preparations having exotic tastes. Vegetarians can also find their favorite foods in the form of tomatoes, muffins, and cornbread. You can order a veggie plate as a regular vegetarian item from the place. Try the super hog sandwich and a generous rib eye that remain A very important item for lunch and dinner. Visitors who are fond of non-vegetarian items can find plenty of variety for lunch breakfast and dinner.

15. Charles E. Bailey, Sr. Sportsplex

? 1685 Arena Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010

The 212 acres spread Charles E. Bailey, Sr. Sportplex​is situated in the heart of Alabama. The area has plenty of serenity and beauty to nurture the soul of the visitor. A lush green Sportsplex is definitely a perfect place where you can brush up your sports skills and spend some time there every day.

16. Piedmont Plateau Birding Trail

Located in east central Alabama, the Piedmont Plateau Birding TrailIs a place from where you can view plenty of sites. There are bird habitats and walking trails that deliver an adventurous experience altogether. You can easily access the forests that have pointed wetlands and so much to enjoy. The Yellow-billed cuckoo and a Golden-crowned Kinglet or something that can give you great pleasure in being spotted.

17. Strand Park

? Park Pl, Alexander City, AL 35010, United States

Strand Park witnesses many events being held annually at this place. It is the favorite of young professionals who love to organize sessions and jazz shows to grab attention. The beautifully maintained park leaves no shortcomings when it comes to recreation and attracting tourists. It remains open from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM every day. The greenery of Strand park in Alex city is also a good place where children can play and visitors can relax. The major purpose of creating the park was to promote a healthy lifestyle in the city apart from its beautification.

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Best things to do in Alexander city, Alabama

Alexander city has no shortage of lakes and some of the most exquisite restaurants. In short, it has plenty of arrangements if in case you are a tourist who has come to this place for the sole purpose of recreation. The city parks and exhibition halls are also quite exciting and have goods to make you Shop recklessly. Apart from that, The natural beauty of Alex City is again very fascinating and arresting. There are stadiums that are very big and are perfect for the passionate Sports enthusiast. These even organize some of the best shows and extravaganzas to cater to the audiences. The museums in Alex city talk about warfare and The remains of the past. You will get to see the monuments and historic leftovers at these places in a budgeted way.

Places to Eat in Alexander city, AL

Some of the Best Restaurants in Alex City

  1. SpringHouse – 12 Benson Mill Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010
  2. Who’s Diner – 1560 AL-22, Alexander City, AL 35010
  3. Sho’Nuff Bar-B-Que – 651 Alex City Shopping Center Dr, Alexander City, AL 35010
  4. Kowaliga restaurant – 295 Kowaliga Marina Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010
  5. Jake’s – 16 Broad St, Alexander City, AL 35010
  6. La Posada Mexican Grill – 3714 US-280, Alexander City, AL 35010
  7. Catherine’s Market – 17 Russell Farms Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010
  8. Cazadores – 910 Cherokee Rd, Alexander City, AL
  9. Jim Bob’s Chicken Fingers – 1264 Cherokee Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010
  10. Carlos Mexican Grill – 136 Wheeler St, Alexander City, AL 35010

Shopping in Alexander city, AL

  • Marketplace of Alexander City – 935 Market Pl, Alexander City, AL 35010
  • Mill Square – 1154 Lee St, Alexander City, AL 35010
  • Longleaf Antique & Flea Mall – 591 Alex City Shopping Center Dr, Alexander City, AL 35010
  • Roses – 705 Alex City Shopping Center Dr, Alexander City, AL 35010

Hotels in Alexander city, Alabama

  • Super 8 by Wyndham Alexander City – 4335 US-280, Alexander City, AL 35010
  • Hampton Inn Alexander City – 1551 Elkahatchee Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010
  • Mistletoe Bough – 497 Hillabee St, Alexander City, AL 35010
  • Days Inn by Wyndham Alexander City – 3146 US-280, Alexander City, AL 35010
  • Quality Inn Alexander City – 2945 US-280, Alexander City, AL 35010

Final words

Alexander city is definitely one of the most underrated tourist destinations in the world. It has everything that visitors would like to admire and enjoy. The playgrounds, wildlife centers, picnic spots, sanctuaries, water bodies, and restaurants have so much more to offer. Enjoy celebrating random festivals and indulge in the annual celebrations in the city. Pay a visit to the art galleries and studios that exhibit the best creativities of the artists. One can also learn how Ice-creams are made and how people in the past actually fought their battles. Altogether, it is the place to learn, enjoy and indulge.

You can find more details such as Weather, News, Outlook, and Calendar from the Alexander City official website here.

Map of Alexander City, Alabama, USA

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