10+ Fun Things To Do In Lake Martin, AL

Fun Things To Do In Lake Martin

Lake Martin is a 39,000-acre reservoir that makes it the largest manmade lake in Alabama, with over 750 miles of wooded shoreline spanning 3 counties Coosa, Elmore, and Tallapoosa.

Lake Martin AL is one of the coziest Places in Alabama to have some fun water sports activities. It has a very arresting atmosphere that would definitely convince you to go boating and Sky riding even if you are not a very big fan of such things. Enjoy biking, hiking, horseback riding, and paddling near lake Martin to quench your soul. In this article, we are going to discover more about the holiday destination so that You Are aware of every small intricacy of this place.

They host many events every year, including the Alexander City Jazz Festival, fishing tournaments, and fireworks on July 4th.
There is another lake in Alabama with a similar name which is Logan Martin, it is a Lake on the Coosa River. So, Don’t get confused, Lake Martin and Logan Martin are not the same

7 Reasons why visit Lake Martin

1. largest manmade lake in Alabama.
2. Many options for overnight accommodations.
3. Rent a rustic cabin, a mid-sized, vacation rental, or a large lakefront house.
4. Lake Martin Camping options on lakefront sites
5. Dining options
6. Lake Martin Fishing
7. Hiking Nature Trails
8. Lake Martin Boat Rentals

Fun Things to do in Lake Martin

1. Local restaurants

Local restaurants
The local restaurants bring out the real taste of classic food in Lake Martin. The delectable catfish, shrimp, and other Southern dishes are just finger-licking. You can go for dinner or lunch whatever suits you. There is a guarantee that you will love the taste of Alabama in the local restaurants.
Some of our recommended restaurants are:
Oskar’s Cafe – 6684 AL-49, Dadeville, AL 36853
Kowaliga Restaurant – 295 Kowaliga Marina Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010
Bluff’s Daiquiri Bar at Harbor Pointe – 397 Marina Point Rd, Dadeville, AL 36853
Chuck’s Marina (Pizza spot) – 237 Marina Rd, Dadeville, AL 36853
Niffer’s Place Lake Martin – 7500 AL-49, Dadeville, AL 36853
The Landing at Parker Creek – 8300 Parker Creek Marina Rd, Equality, AL 36026
SpringHouse Restaurant (Fancy option) – 12 Benson Mill Rd, Alexander City, AL 35010
Nirvana Latte – 5054 AL-49 Dadeville, AL 36853

2. Musclecar Museum

Musclecar Museum
The Musclecar museum is very famous in Alabama. It has various car models to impress automobile lovers. You should not miss out on the collection of Aero cars, Ford Mustang, Hemi Dodge Charger, and some of the classic cars present in the museum. Indeed, the museum has a very special way of attracting visitors by rotating its collection every week. You can access the play somewhere between 10 AM to 3 PM at a minimal fee for children and adults.

3. Smith Mountain

Smith Mountain
Amongst the most incredible views of Lake mArtin remains Smith Mountain. The Mountain has white paint markings and an open rock area where you can spend some time peacefully along with your fellow travelers.

4. Aerial adventure

Do not attempt this activity if you have a weak heart. The aerial adventure in Lake Martin is going to take you at a height of 70 feet into a canopy from where you need to have a good flight above the trees. You are expected to balance your flight and enjoy the startling activity that creates a lifetime memory. You should be at least eight years old to participate in such an aerial activity that needs a lot of skill and precaution. You Can rent a particular company offering such a service and take the help of professional security.

5. Wind Creek State Park

Wind Creek State Park
Wind Creek State Park can let you dip into a river and enjoy a lot of campsites. There are beautiful green bathhouses and nice cabins to give you rest and comfort. The camping park is famous for fun activities like hiking trails and goals. You can travel to this place and choose your favorite spot by making reservations beforehand.

6. Horseshoe Bend national military Park

Horseshoe Bend national military Park
The horseshoe bend national military Park is typically U-shaped. It has swift-flowing water and greenery to please the eyes of the visitors. The tranquility and peace of this place are unbeatable. This place crew is protected by the National Park Service historic Park. You can take an easy walk of approximately 2.8 miles. Watch out for the greenery and some of the most beloved scenes that you would like to capture with your camera. Do not miss out the 15-minute film inside the visitor center that talks about the battle and the history of the park.

7. Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail

Cherokee Ridge Alpine Trail
The path has clear water and plenty of attractive sports that reflect the beauty of Nature. The Trail is a perfect destination where you can walk along and spend some family time. There are also parking areas and picnic tables where you can rest and have some home-cooked meals or local stuff.

8. Goat Island

The spectacular goat island has plenty of goats that roam free all across the place. You can play with the goats, feed them and click selfies.

9. Chimney rock

Chimney rock
Chimney Rock remains amongst the most incredible landmarks on Lake Martin. The place is a perfect destination for boaters and local riders. People just love to seek adventure while jumping from the Highcliffe. Indeed, there are several cases of accidents taking place at this location but nothing takes away the charm of the location.
Chimney rock lake martin height is 60 feet.

10. D.A.R.E power Park

dare power park
If You Are a true beach lover, the D.A.R.E Power park is worth recommending to you. The peaceful place has so many things to enjoy in a very simple way.

11. Harold banks

One of the most popular scenic destinations of Alabama is Harrold banks which is very near the horseshoe bend Bridge. The section has blooming lilies in the summer season and Good arrangements for public access. You can easily reserve a spot at this place to make your tourism more worthwhile.

12. Hank Williams cabin

The favorite spot for families is Hank Williams cabin which provides free camping facilities for children and families. It also has a diagnostic center where people having severe diseases like burns, autism, transplantation, and cancer can overcome. The major funding is raised on the basis of cabin services. The Place is named after Hank Williams because he used to stay there for quite some time before. The original decor of the place is still maintained and you would love to immerse yourself in country music. This is an adventurous place that is raised for a great cause.

Top 15+ Tourist Places to Visit in Alexander City, AL

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How to reach

Both Alexander city and Lake Martin are located in the Southeastern region of the US. Reaching out of the place is all about embracing some great fun and enjoyment. You can reach out to the place by the following methods

  • Book your air tickets for Birmingham airport where there is direct access to this place. There are more than a hundred daily flights that go to this particular destination. From Birmingham’s airport, take US Highway 280 E, approximately a 90-minute drive to reach Alexander City (Home of Lake Martin).
  • From Montgomery Regional Airport: Once you reach Montgomery regional airport, you can take a taxi that lets you reach the final destination in a span of 35 minutes only.

Where to Stay

Bob White Motel – 930 Airport Drive, Alexander City, AL 35010
Hank Williams Cabin – 1 Our Children’s Hwy, Alexander City, AL 35010
Lake Martin Realty Vacation Homes
Bolton Cove
Bayou Lodge and Guesthouse
Burke Cove
Paradise Bed and Breakfast on Lake Martin – 98 Rainbow Road, Dadeville, AL 36953

Best time to visit Lake Martin

March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October months are considered the best time to visit Lake Martin. June, July, August and September are the warmest months there and January is the coldest month of the year.

Lake Martin in Alabama has fun-filled activities with unique combinations and destinations. You would definitely love to go for the special itinerary to create some memories and leave behind all the stress of life

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